Why Regular Mock Exams Are Worthless

Regular Mock Exams are Worthless

Ok, they’re not worthless. But they’re not as helpful as we’ve been led to believe, and in many cases, they do more harm than good.

Scientific studies have shown that to be effective, practice needs focus and feedback. On most mock exams, this doesn’t happen. For example, Sarah’s taken three mock exams in three months. She’s looked at her scores and studied a few math problems she missed. She wonders why she’s not improving, so she signs up for another test. But Sara’s problem is in the way she takes her exam. She’s not rereading passages on the reading comprehension section, and she’s spending too much time on hard math questions. She doesn’t change her approach because she doesn’t know she’s making these errors. So what happens? Sarah takes another exam and her score stays the same. Meanwhile, she’s reinforced her bad habits and chipped away at her confidence.

So what to do?

The solution is Biometric Edge.

As a student takes a mock exam, Biometric Edge’s technology measures their biometrics, tracking eye movement, time per question, pulse rate, and blink rate. They then cross reference this information against the student’s performance. Suddenly, you can answer questions regular mock exams can’t, such as:

Is my child rereading passages when answering questions in reading comprehension?
Are they rereading difficult math questions?
Are they trying on the difficult questions or just moving on?
Are they going back to check their work?
Are they spending too long on any one question?
Is their anxiety a problem, or is it just something to accept?

In one Biometric Edge mock exam, a student will learn information they wouldn’t get from 100 mock exams anywhere else. It gives them an advantage over their peers and helps improve their performance on all exams going forward. Now that’s the kind of practice that raises scores.

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To your child’s success!

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