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Recognizing Hesitation

Taking a standardized test can bring anxiety. One way that manifests is hesitation. A student answers a question, then freezes with doubt. Doing this wastes time and mental energy. It’s not difficult to get rid of, but it’s hard to spot.

A Biometric Edge mock exam can spot it. On your chart, the top row, marked Answers, shows every time a student selects an answer. The middle row, maked Screens, shows every time they go to a new question. Usually, the bubbles are almost on top of each other. A student answers a question and immediately moves on to the next one. This is seen on the top picture below.

The chart of a student who hesitates, however, is shown in the bottom picture. There will be a gap between answering a question and moving to the next one. The gaps grow more extreme, over 40 seconds in this case, near the end as the questions get harder.

If you suffer from hesitation, the solution is to pull the trigger. After your answer, force yourself to move on. It will feel uncomfortable at first, but that feeling lessens each time you do it. Train yourself to select an answer and move on. You can come back at the end to check your work.

Also understand that you don’t have to get rid of your anxiety to succeed. You just have to manage it. For more advice on how, read the blog titled Handling Test Anxiety Part 1. And of course, sign up here for a Biometric Edge mock exam.

To your success.

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