Kid Freak Out

Kid Freak Out! What to Do

Kids need to release pressure, and they don’t always do so in the best way (you heard it here first). They may say they’re not going to take their test. They may promise to do poorly on purpose or something even crazier. Maybe they mean it; maybe they don’t, but in the moment is not the time to figure it out. Don’t get drawn into an irrational argument, as triggering as their words may be. Let them know that you hear them. Or don’t. If they’re being especially obnoxious, you can always just walk away.

When the storm passes, ask if they feel better. Address the emotion as opposed to the expression of the emotion. You don’t need to tell them they were wrong. Chances are they already know that.

If you think they may be serious, ask them to explain how they feel, but avoid trying to talk them out of it. Some students need to sit with their frustration for a day or two. Keep an eye on their studying, though, and if they’re not doing it, address it. In the moment, though, let them vent.

To your child’s success!

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