We help students get into their first-choice high school or college

Our mock exams help students excel on standardized tests. We measure eye movement, pulse and blink rate, and time per question, all to uncover previously untraceable errors, increase confidence, and maximize students’ scores on the SAT, ACT, PSAT, ISEE and SSAT.

What is Biometric Edge?

See how Biometric Edge can help your child

Give your child all the advantages of data-driven test prep:

We can radically improve your child’s testing ability, all with a simple process. We provide the tools your child needs to excel on their standardized test and get into the school of their dreams. All you need is a computer with a working camera and internet access.

  • Build confidence to take any test

  • Reveal their testing ’blind spots’, so you can focus & accelerate your studies

  • Gain a statistical edge on high school and college entrance exams such as the SAT, PSAT, ACT, ISEE, SHSAT, and SSAT

  • Turn reach schools into a reality

What do I get?

When you sign up with Biometric Edge, you’re given your own dashboard that tracks your child’s tests and reports.

After your child takes their test, you’ll receive a report that includes:

  • Score

  • The full test

  • Answer key with video explanation for all questions

  • Breakdowns of your child’s performance by topic and by level of difficulty

  • Pulse and blink rates, cross-referenced with right and wrong answers

  • Your child’s time per question and the average time spent per question

  • Eye tracking report for reading comprehension sections

You can visit your dashboard as often as you like to view your child’s reports and sign up for more exams.

The four most common score-killing mistakes

Poor time management

Some students spend too much time on hard questions; others speed through reading passages too quickly. We measure the time students take on each question and each reading passage and compare to the average.

Not re-reading passages

Students often don’t re-read passages when answering reading questions. Our eye-tracking system can tell if a student is re-reading passages or trying to answer questions from memory.

Not checking their Work

Students must check their work if they want to reach their highest potential. Our technology allows us to see if students are revisiting questions at the end of the section or just waiting for time to expire.

Letting anxiety distract them

Anxiety is not a problem. It’s the preoccupation with anxiety that kills students’ score. With pulse tracking and cross-referencing, we can tell how a student’s anxiety affects their performance.

Our Founder

Elie Venezky

Elie Venezky has been helping students push past self-limiting beliefs and succeed on standardized tests for over 20 years. He is the author of the best-selling Test Prep Sanity for Parents: How to help your child succeed without driving each other crazy and Test Prep Sanity for Students: What to do, who to ignore and how to be to stay sane and score high on standardized tests.

Elie Venezky’s last company was voted one of the top 20 math tutoring companies in New York City (out of over 2,000 companies assessed). He’s also an award-winning aerialist and has toured the US and Europe performing trapeze, lyra and aerial dance.  

"I can’t believe how much Biometric Edge helped!"

Martha M. Masters

"This is a game changer!"

Anna Vandana
High School Student

Peace of mind

For you, so you know your child is not making easy-to-avoid errors.

For your child, so they can enter their exam prepared and confident.

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