"For practice to be its most effective, there must be focus, and there must be feedback. Otherwise, we’re just treading water."

Why Regular Mock Exams are Worthless

Ok, they’re not worthless. But they’re not as helpful as we’ve been led to believe, and in many cases, they do more harm than good. We’ve been raised to believe that practice makes perfect, but scientific studies show that practice needs focus and feedback to be effective. On most mock exams, this doesn’t happen. In addition, for many students, the issue is the way they take exams. These errors don’t show up on regular mocks, so they never get fixed. More mock exams just reinforce students’ bad habits and chip away at their confidence.

We can help. 

We measure students’ biometrics as they take exams. We track eye movement, time per question, pulse rate, blink rate and eye dilation. We then cross reference this against right and wrong answers and the averages of students who have answered the question correctly. This allows us to uncover crucial errors that students make that kill their scores. We can answer questions regular mock exams can’t, such as:

  • Are they trying on the difficult questions or just moving on?
  • Are they going back to look at past questions?
  • Are they spending too long on any one question?
  • Is their anxiety a problem, or is it just something to accept?

In one Biometric Edge mock exam, a student will learn information they wouldn’t get from 100 regular mock exams. It gives them an advantage over their peers and helps improve their performance on all of their exams going forward. Now that’s the kind of practice that raises scores.

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