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Elite Package


You will receive a write up covering the following areas:

  • Right and wrong answers
  • Adjusted score
    Strengths and weaknesses report
  • Eye tracking
  • Pulse rate
  • Time spent per question
  • Video tracking

2-Exam Package​


Purchase 2 exams to see how your child improves across time.

You will receive all metrics listed in the Elite Package for each test.

3 Exam Package


Purchase 3 exams to best prepare your child for their exam and see how they improve across time.

You will receive all metrics listed in the Elite package for each test.

Once You Sign Up

Finding out what your child needs for test-taking success is quick and easy. Here’s what happens when you sign up.

  1. You’ll receive an email with login information and instructions on how to assign an exam for your child or student.
  2. Your child or student will receive an email with login information and test-taking instructions.
  3. When your child/student finishes their exam, you’ll both receive an email with a link to their results.

It’s that easy!

Which Package Is Best For Your Child


My child has already scored at or above their target score

For a child who has already met or exceeded their target score on an actual exam (not a mock), the Elite Package is a good choice.

My child has not met their target score

For a child who still has work to do, we suggest the 2-Exam Package. This will give you valuable feedback on what is holding your child back and see how they improve from one test to the next.

My child is struggling with anxiety

For a student struggling with anxiety, we suggest the Exam with 1-hour Consulation Package. Focused practice with feedback is essential for helping students accept and lessen their anxiety. Multiple exams are highly encouraged.

We feel stuck

For families who feel stuck, we recommend the Exam with 1-Hour Consultation. One of our test prep experts can help discover the underlying cause of the issue and give valuable advice on next steps to improve. It’s the best thing you can do to get moving in the right direction.
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