Your Friends Are Liars

Your Friends are Liars

You may feel bad that you’re not as good at standardized tests as your friends Tina and Mark, who aren’t being tutored and don’t study and never sweat and ace all their exams.

If this is you, stop it. Tina and Mark are lying to you. They’re probably getting tutored and are studying and nervous. They just don’t admit it, because people aren’t always honest about what they do and how they feel (you heard it here, first). Teenagers in particular are horrendous liars and woefully bad and spotting the liars amongst you. Stop comparing your feelings to other people’s projections. You’ll make yourself nuts.

Even if Tina and Mark aren’t lying, who cares? Some people are naturals. Most people need to study. It doesn’t matter. Just do what you need to do.

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