What To Do The Morning Of Test

What to Do the Morning of Your Test

It’s go time! You’ve done the work; now it’s time to take your exam. Here’s what to do to put yourself in the best possible condition for success.

If your test isn’t today, and you haven’t read What to Do the Night Before the Test, go here first.

Make sure you have everything you need
Make sure you have the following items:
Admission ticket
All necessary identification
At least four sharpened No. 2 pencils
A watch that doesn’t make noise
A calculator with extra batteries (if calculators are allowed)
A bottle of water
Two snacks, each containing glucose

Complex thinking depletes glucose levels. Don’t eat candy bars or pure sugar, but pack something to restore your glucose levels, such as fruit, trail mix, peanut butter sandwiches, etc.

Eat breakfast
Eat your normal breakfast, unless your normal breakfast is nothing. If so, eat a light breakfast. If you drink coffee, drink coffee. If you don’t drink coffee, don’t drink coffee. Test day is not the day to try something new

I’ve asked many neuroscientists the best way to wake up the brain, and every single one of them said exercise. You don’t have to run a half-marathon, but get your body moving. Go for a short walk, do 25 jumping jacks, try some push-ups, whatever you prefer. It’s not important what you do as long as you do something.

Stay positive and accept your emotions
Tell yourself you’re going to do well. It may sound weird or pointless; do it anyway. If you feel anxious, accept it. Admit that you’re anxious and that that’s ok, because the world is full of anxious and successful people. Anxiety isn’t a problem; it’s preoccupation with anxiety that causes problems. Once you accept your anxiety, that preoccupation goes away, and you can focus on the test.

Get to the test center early
Whatever time they told you to arrive, get there 15 minutes early. Check-in at a standardized test center isn’t always a smooth process, so get there early to beat the rush.

Ok. You have what it takes to succeed! Stay calm. Stay positive. You got this, and good luck!

To your success!

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