Are They Checking Their Work 2

Are Students Checking Their Work?

Students should check their work if they have time. It’s common sense: we all make mistakes, especially when working quickly, so check your work!

And yet…many students don’t.

It’s an easy problem to correct, if you spot it. The problem is it’s impossible to tell if a student checks their work from a regular mock exam, except in extreme cases.

With Biometric Edge, you can tell, and this video explains how. One of the reasons I created Biometric Edge was to find these hard-to-spot test-taking errors so students can correct them.

On the Chart page of your results, we show you every time a student answers a question, and every time a student goes to a new screen (there is one question per screen). With this information, you can quickly and easily see if a student checked their work at the end of a section. If there are multiple yellow bubbles for screens at the end of a section, as with the first student, they checked their work. If there’s a large blank space at the end of the section, as with the second, they didn’t, and they need a short reminder.

This is just one of the many things a Biometric Edge mock exam shows you that no other mock exam can show you. To sign up, just click the Sign Up Now button at the top right of this page.

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