Test Taking Instructions

We’ve made Biometric Edge exams as easy to use and as close to a real exam as possible.

  1. Move through the exam by using the arrow icons at the bottom of the screen, clicking return or the forward and back arrow keys on your keyboard, or using the keypad to the right.
  2. The time remaining in a section is visible in the upper right corner of the screen. To hide the timer, click the ^ icon next to it. To show the timer once hidden, click ^ again.
  3. You can move forward and back within a section, but you cannot move to the next section until time has expired. You cannot return to a prior section (with the exception of the SHSAT).
  4.  Select answers with your cursor or by typing the letter on your keyboard.
  5. Your answers will automatically upload after the last section of the exam. You can access your results through your dashboard.

Good luck!

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