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The SSAT is a difficult test. Many parents are lured into a false sense of security because their child gets good grades or has done well on previous standardized tests. Don’t be fooled: the Upper Level SSAT is big step up in difficulty. Don’t learn this lesson too late: admission to top boarding schools is very competitive, and SSAT scores play a huge role.

The first step of SSAT prep is to take a mock exam. Find out early how much studying your child needs and where they most need to focus. Also know that doing well on the SSAT takes more than just knowing material. Students must know how to take a standardized test. This means managing their time efficiently, handling their anxiety, and checking their work. These are not skills most students are ever taught, and many hurt their scores with test-taking errors.

Fortunately, any student can become a great test taker if they get the right feedback. They won’t get this feedback, however, from regular mock exams. Regular mock exams can show a student the material they need to learn, but not how they take a test and if they’re giving away points unknowingly. Only Biometric Edge mock exams give you this information.

Biometric Edge mock exams measure pulse and blink rate. We track eye movement, and we record time per question, all to show your child if they’re taking their exams the right way and where they can improve to perform their best. We can tell if students check their work. We can see if they’re re-reading passages when answering reading comprehension questions. We can tell how anxiety affects them and if their managing their time efficiently. This is crucial knowledge for students taking this difficult and highly competitive exam, and it can be the reason your child is accepted into their first-choice school.

Biometric Edge’s online mock exams are convenient and adapt to your schedule. After your child’s exam, their results are available within seconds. You’ll receive:

  • Score
  • Performance by topic
  • Performance by level of difficulty
  • Time spent on each question
  • Average time spent on each question (of everyone who’s taken that exam)
  • Video explanations for each question
  • Pulse and blink rates
  • Eye-tracking report
  • A chart showing each time your child answered a question and if they checked their work
  • A copy of the full exam

With this data, you can identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and fix any test-taking errors before test day. Biometric Edge lets you feel confident that your child is ready to excel on their SSAT.

There is simply no better tool for mastering an exam.

Sign up for a Biometric Edge mock exam today.

To your success.

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