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Being a great test taker is an essential skill for success on the PSAT and SAT. Unfortunately, few students are ever taught this

skill, and many make test-taking errors that tank their scores, such as poor time management, not checking their work, and letting anxiety distract them.

Fortunately, any student can become a great test taker. They just need the right feedback. They’re not going to get this feedback from a regular mock exam, however. Regular mock exams don’t show students how they take an exam. They can’t tell if a student spends too much time on difficult questions or if they’re not checking their work. These mistakes can kill a student’s score. Worse, students who don’t know how to take exams struggle with confidence, and many come to believe that they’re “not good test takers.”

Biometric Edge can help. Only Biometric Edge mock exams prepare students for every aspect of taking an exam. We give students feedback on both material knowledge and test-taking skill. We show you if a student is managing their time correctly and checking their work. We show you how anxiety is affecting their performance. We even show you if a student is rereading passages when answering reading questions. This information can be the reason your child gets into their dream college.

How it Works

Biometric Edge’s unique technology measures time per question, records pulse and blink rate, and tracks eye movement, all to show students if they’re taking their exam the right way. Our online mock exams are convenient and can adapt to your schedule. When your child is finished their exam, their results are available within seconds. You’ll receive:

  • Score
  • Performance by topic
  • Performance by level of difficulty
  • Time spent on each question
  • Average time spent on each question (of everyone who’s taken that exam)
  • Video explanations for each question
  • Pulse and blink rates
  • Eye-tracking report
  • A chart showing each time your child answered a question and if they checked their work
  • A copy of the full exam

With a Biometric Edge report, students can identify where they need to focus before test day. With this assessment of their abilities, students can fix their weaknesses and enter their exams confident they’ll succeed.

We know our exams will help your child excel on their PSAT, SAT, and every test they take in college. Sign up for a Biometric Edge mock exam today.

To your success.


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