How to set up and take your exam

Biometric Edge’s patented technology reads your pulse and blink rate as you take an exam. It also tracks your eye movement and time per question, all through your computer’s camera.

We have both video and written instructions. You do not have to view both, as they cover the same material. We recommend the video instructions.

Written Instructions

Set Up

To ensure accurate readings, please take your exam in as well-lit a room as possible. The more lights, the better. Make sure your computer camera is functional and that nothing is covering it. Make sure there is nothing behind you or within the camera’s range that could be confused as your face. It sounds odd, but the computer could confuse a face on a poster or a mask behind you as your face.

If you can remove everything from your desk except for pencils and scratch paper, do so. It’s ok if you can’t, but make sure you have room for doing work. Make sure that any food or drink is not on the desk.


At the very beginning of your exam, you’ll be asked to click on nine dots, five times per dot. Make sure you’re looking at each dot as you click it. Then you’ll be asked to stare at the middle dot for five seconds. This helps our system adjust to your computer’s camera, and you’ll be given an accuracy percentage. If your percentage is below 50%, recalibrate. First, make sure all the lights in the room are as bright as possible, and that nothing is covering your camera.

If you recalibrate and still get an accuracy rate below 50%, don’t worry: we still get a ton of great information even with a low accuracy.

Next, you’ll be taken to your exam and asked to fill in a target score. We use your target score to determine your test readiness. If you’re unsure of your target score, make an educated guess.

As you take the exam

Try to keep your head as still as possible. You don’t have to remain motionless, but be aware of moving your head out of the camera’s range. You can tell if you’re out of range as the square around your head in the video in the top right corner of your screen will turn red. When your head is back within range, the square will turn green.

You can navigate through the exam using the previous and next buttons at the bottom of the exam, or by using the navigation keypad to the right. To fill in an answer, click the circle to the left of the answer choice. If you want to change your answer, just click a new circle. You don’t have to unclick your initial answer.

On the last question in a section, you won’t be able to hit the next button. This is because you must wait until the time for the section is over before moving to the next section. Don’t worry, though, as the test will record your answer. When time on the section expires, the test will automatically move you to the next section. When you’re finished the last section, the test will automatically upload your answers.

Your Report

Your score will be ready roughly 15 minutes after you finish, and your full report will be ready after roughly 3 hours. We will place a copy in your dashboard.

Best of luck!

To your success!