"Every child has the ability to succeed wildly on their exam; they just need the tools to improve."

How it Works

On the surface, our process is simple. All your child needs to do is take an online mock exam. Our system measures key biometrics as they work, including pulse rate, eye movement, and blink rate. We measure time per question and then provide you with a full report.

Most students make crucial errors that hurt their scores when taking exams. Unfortunately, few are aware of the mistakes they’re making, and conventional test prep and mock exams cannot recognize them. Biometric Edge finds these errors and gives students the knowledge to correct them. Here’s how:

Timing per Question

We track how much time students spend on every question, and we compare it to the average. We can tell if students are pacing themselves correctly or spending too much time on tricky questions. We can also tell if students are skipping questions they believe they can’t do.

Eye Tracking

Does your child go back to reread the passage when answering reading comprehension questions? Are they checking their work at the end of a section? We can tell. 

Pulse Rate
We can see if any specific type of problem is giving your child anxiety and how they react to that anxiety.
Blink Rate

We tend to blink less when deeply focused on a task. By measuring blink rate, we can get clues as to whether students are focused (or not) on their tests.

Cross-referencing for Peace of Mind

We cross-reference all of these metrics so you can see how pulse rate and blink rate interact, and how they affect right and wrong answers. You no longer have to guess whether a student is checking their work. You don’t have to guess why they struggle with timing. We can answer all of these questions.

Biometric Edge helps students perform at their full potential, and it helps parents relax knowing their child is ready to succeed.

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